Cinema and TV Directing


Develops creative and technical skills for the creation of audiovisual content in the area of the video, cinema, tv and advertising.
  • Transmits knowledge on camera operation, directing, production, post-production, editing, lighting and sound;
  • Promotes research and analysis of issues inherent to the creation of audiovisual content;
  • Works necessary professional skills for the integration and framing in the middle of the audiovisual sector.

By concluding this training, you will have the possibility to apply for ERASMUS+, our European mobility program.


After the 2 curriculum years of this course, you'll be able to accomplish a 3rd curriculum year at Prague College, in Prague, Czech Republic, where you can obtain an academic degree of Level 6 from the European Qualifications Framework.

target audience

All those interested, students or professionals in the profession of directing, with an aptitude for translating the world of ideas to the territory of image and sound.


October 2018 to July 202


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2.00am to 5.00pm.

OBS: If you pretend other schedule, contact us.


620h + 480h (internship)


8 to 16

market expectations

  • Annotators, assistant directors and annotators in short film productions, music videos, promotional videos, documentaries, commercials and television content;
  • A future relationship with film producers, video, television, advertising and television stations, tv cooperatives and web tv.

admission conditions

  • Personal interview appointment:
    • 289 823 359 / 960 309 550;
  • [Optional] Send an e-mail answering the following questions:
    • Why am I applying to the intended course?
    • What are my motivations?
    • What are my career aspirations?
  • Develop a portfolio for presenting at the interview;
  • Attend the previously scheduled interview with the Educational Director;
  • Wait contact of the application outcome.


  • Classroom equipped with individual workstations in an Apple work environment;
  • Video Studio equipped with light pantographs;
  • 6 DVCAM_HD Cameras;
  • Video regie HD equiped with 6 cameras;
  • Sound capture and recording equipment, including recorder Zoom F4, Sennheiser wireless microphones and dedicated mixing console;
  • Studio and outdoors Lighting equipment;
  • Audio and Video technical support equipment;
  • Adobe Creative Cloud, with Premiere, After Effects, etc.