Music Creation, Production and Sound Techniques


From the studio to the live act, the mixing desk to the sound desk of a live concert, from production to completion, from creation to mastering.


The today's musician is increasingly an author, a composer, a producer and a manager of his own career. He starts an activity in the music field through the development of capabilities of writing and composition, as well as the technical knowledge of performance, the production, studio or live.


Either In the studio and on the mixing table you interact with the analog and the digital, using different recording software, while you discover the fascination of editing, the balance of the mixture and the process of mastering. With practice, you'll improve your aesthetics and artistic personalities, and learn to know how to listen and find your own voice. 


During this technical course you will have access to recording studios/production, audio post production and mastering rooms and also environments of concert on stage and in front of him, in partnership with:


Parceiro ETIC_Algarve_ DENGUN    


Learn the tools to transform your ideas into music of professional level with instructors which are active in the music scene.


By concluding this training, you will have the possibility to apply for ERASMUS+, our European mobility program.

target audience

  • Graduate secondary school students seeking specialist training as an alternative to university education. Practicing professionals who wish to consolidate their knowledge, particularly in the technical area of sound as well as broadening their professional outlook involvement within the field.
  • Music creators and artists who wish to lead more audible away their capacities for creation and manipulation of sound;
  • Individual producers, professional or amateur, with experience of composition or musical creation.


October 2018 to July 2020


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 9.30am to12.30pm

OBS: If you pretend other schedule, contact us.



720 hours + 480 hours of internship


8 to 16

market expectations

  • Producers / Composers of music;
  • Mixing and Mastering Technician;
  • DJ and VJ;
  • Producer/Composer for audiovisual projects;
  • Technicians and assistants of sound;
  • sound engineer specialized in post-sound production to audiovisual industries, music, film and television and new media;
  • sound engineer specialized in techniques of radio, audio mastering, archive and restore sound.

admission conditions

  • Personal interview appointment:
    • 289 823 359 / 960 309 550;
  • [Optional] Send an e-mail answering the following questions:
    • Why am I applying to the intended course?
    • What are my motivations?
    • What are my career aspirations?
  • Develop a portfolio for presenting at the interview;
  • Attend the previously scheduled interview with the Educational Director;
  • Wait contact of the application outcome.


  • Classroom equipped with individual workstations in an Apple work environment;
  • Sound Studio - Box Music;
  • Dedicated audio interfaces and individuals headphones;
  • Arturia KeyLad and M-Audio MIDI Keyboards;
  • Arturia MiniBrute, Arturia MatrixBrute synths;
  • Arturia DrumBrute;
  • Softwares:  Ableton Live, Analog Lab, DRC, Protools, Logic, Waves Gold Bundle.