I can hardly believe that these are the last weeks of my ERASMUS experience here in Prague.

Now that I’m in my final sprint, you would think the stress levels would rise, but things have been increasingly calm which has given me time to reflect upon the last three months.

Living abroad was an interesting challenge, as mentioned earlier, I think the biggest challenge was the currency, but with the passing time it became automatic. I must say I fell in love with Prague and because of that I’m sad to leave but at the same time I feel increasingly homesick, specially because of the cravings for bacalhau à Brás (à Brás codfish).

About my internship I have no reason for complaints, on the contrary, I couldn’t be happier about my workplace.

The company, and the people working there, were awesome, allowing me to learn a lota t my own pace. I was also encouraged to leave my comfort zone and what I identified as my area, which, in retrospective, I wholeheartedly thank for, because it changed the way I work now and changed the way I see other artistic areas.

I don’t have enough words to describe how much I loved this experience but I know it’s something that will stay with me forever.

There are not enough thank yous to show how grateful I am to ETIC_Algarve for giving me this opportunity, so a simple thank you will have to do.

And this ends my last report, good bye and see you soon.


... These two weeks that passed were a little labor intensive. My team stuffed me in a Luxury hotel all by myself, one of the most luxurious hotels in Warsaw. After the Hotel conference I found ETIC_Algarve’s Director that made us a pleasant visit. I had the opportunity to have a work showcased one night at Double Tree in Łódź, very well known, and I was very grateful, not only for the hotel’s luxury but also for it’s history. It’s a hotel / film studio of Roman Polanski. It has huge studios in which they host all sorts of events, concerts, Green screen Filming, conferences, etc... It’s huge!

And big news arose... While talking to my employer... an offer was made to me for staying and giving continuity to my work. Although I love the heat of my Algarve, I have decided to take the chance and risk it because I love the team and would like to continue having new experiences and projects. I know that I can progress and learn a great deal and it makes me very motivated to stay here....”

... This adventure is almost coming to an end, and the results couldn’t be more positive. I had the opportunity to have my internship in an amazing company, surrounded by professional people, versatile, human and with a very good vibe.

...In total it was more than 70 photoshoots, thousands of shots... hundreds of kilometers, hundreds of hours in front of the computer editing, and in the end, only 1 feeling: the feeling of fulfilling my duty. I faced ERASMUS as an opportunity for personal and professional growth and in the end, everything always turns out right....”

... In the last day of internship it was the beginning of the decline... it was the saddest day ever... it was all done in slow motion. In the last shopping moments before coming back, most f the store clerks asked where I was from, how long was I staying, and then they’d say surprised “ohhh... pero tu vas a volver” (ohhh... But you’re coming back.). Hearing that time and time again was more painful than I ever imagined. I remember perfectly Elena asking in the bus “Are you anxious to return to Portugal?” and our choir shouting “NO”.

An ENORMOUS THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, for all the moments lived, for all the laughter, walks, stairways and shared meals, for all the companionship, for having made it in a way that we lived the experience as a family and lighting this little flame that had been half gone in my heart. Here I’ll always keep this beautiful story I lived with you called Malaga – a story of Erasmus + Best Team ETIC_Algarve.



... From here I write to you almost frozen, but with amazing energies. In the past two weeks, I have made with my boss two photoshoots for office products and another for a fashion editorialI have had some time to make my own sessions, which has helped me to grow. Besides that, I managed some gigs as a DJ in clubs... This is the result of various captured and edited moments in my daily life, after little more than one month of being in this city that took me in for the ERASMUS+ Internship...